A Mediterranean Revolution; Hummus!

I just love how popular Humus has become in the U.S.  Just a few years ago very few ate it or even knew about it.  Many didn’t even know what chickpeas were.  Today there is not one grocery store that does not carry at least one brand of Hummus.  There is the roasted garlic, the spicy red pepper blend, the original with pine nuts and so many more.  I have even seen Hummus with minced green mint, something totally new to me.
I like to share a personal story about each dish in my blog, but I don’t know if I am able to share a personal story about Hummus as it is an everyday dish.   It would be like trying to think of a story about sliced bread.   You eat it every day with cold cuts and cheese, not much significance there.  Well it can also be that I am very distracted these days, anxious about the revolutions sweeping the region.  It has hit home.  A revolution is a great thing, but hundreds are dying as the governments try and quell the protests.  So here I am writing about Hummus!

This might be a good distraction in itself actually.  I am a foodie, and most people I know are, food is something we can all agree on, no matter the politics and the beliefs.  So I write about Hummus, this cliché dish that has become as popular as Spaghetti!

In my next blog entry, I will feature a more exciting dish, and hopefully it will be a more exciting time in my part of the world.  I will wait until democracy prevails before I share my biggest piece, the stuffed whole lamb!  As that dish is usually made on holidays and celebrations, we will all digitally feast on it when the dictator tumbles!  

My recipe:

3 cans of chickpeas
1 lemon juice
1/3 cup of fresh mint leaves
1 or 2 roasted red peppers (mild)
1/2 cup Tahini sauce
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp Red Pepper or Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Salt
1/3 cup olive oil
1 clove of garlic

Put everything in the food processor and mix until it turns into a paste.  When serving pour a little bit of olive oil on top and decorate as you wish.  Best eaten with baked pita bread.  It is also a wonderful alternative to ranch when eating with fresh vegetables.  Enjoy!  


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